Local Scholarship Applications

Garnett BPW offers scholarships to High School graduates entering college, non traditional scholarships for those in the workforce looking to broaden their education, and to individuals seeking to take the GED exam.

Garnett BPW Traditional Scholarship ApplicationDownload
Garnett BPW Non Traditional or GED Scholarship ApplicationDownload
Garnett BPW and Anderson County Farm Bureau Non Traditional or GED Scholarship ApplicationDownload

Kansas BPW Educational Foundation Scholarships

Click below for the Kansas BPW Foundation Loan and Scholarships Application Packet. This packet contains 10 scholarships and information about loans (including interest-free) for educational purposes for women.  Scholarships outlined in this packet include awards to women in high school or higher education, as well as women who are currently in the workforce.

Please read the information thoroughly and if you have any questions please contact:

Helen Norman - 785.448.3826
Jenny Myers - 785.433.1054  

List of Scholarships and Loans available in the application packet:


High School Graduate and above:
Undergraduate Scholarship
Elsie Borck Health Care Scholarship
Dena Nigus Memorial Scholarship

High School and College concurrently:
Career Preparatory Scholarship
Carol Nigus Leadership Scholarship

May be in the work force - not necessarily attending college at the time of application:
Career Development Scholarship
Mara Crawford Personal Development Scholarship
Dr. Sharon Wiber Young Careerist Scholarship
Dr. LeWann Schneider Individual Development Scholarship
Hall of Fame Scholarship Program


Interest free loans or other loans may be offered, depending on amount available in loan funds. Certain criteria required to be eligible.